The primary advantages of OPS are

  • Access to highly specialized outside talent in a fast changing technology landscape
  • Ability to execute projects at significantly lower costs
  • Ability to quickly respond to establish a large project team on a need basis, without having to go through the process of recruiting, training and retaining people
  • Reduction in overall IT management burden
  • Compression of the project execution time
  • Freezing internal IT staff for strategic planning and higher level work

Smart Caliber Technology assures clients and suppliers the protection and security of Process Methodology, Intellectual Property & Confidentiality Rights by signing strictly enforceable contracts. We also assure total and exclusive client protection to all our consultants, brokers, resellers and agents.

A strong commitment to quality, reliability, affordability and integration remain our goals in developing and deploying solutions for our clients and provide maximum returns on their investments.

We believe in forgoing partnerships with our clients and suppliers by forming long-term alliances in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage for all players.

Smart Caliber Technology had foreseen the way Internet Technology would revolutionaries and shake the traditional business models. Smart Caliber Technology had foreseen that Internet would soon make offshore project development a hassle-free reality. Offshore Project Services (OPS) allows organizations to access a large pool of skilled project management and development resources to execute projects.

Offshore project execution can be undertaken based on the client's requirements.

This model may consist of an on-site component depending on the need and the extent of the coordination and communication between the client/project team in the US and the offshore development team in South Asia. The projects can be taken up on a "fixed cost" basis or on a "time and materials" basis. This model enables a client to quickly leverage the following benefits of an offshore project:
  • High quality software development at fraction of the cost leading to enormous business benefits
  • Steady, dedicated, and trained manpower
  • Software development, maintenance, and testing support
  • Quick turn around time in servicing requests and utilizing the time zone difference between countries
  • Quick jump-start as no investment on buildings, infrastructure, hardware etc is required from the client
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